The city of Enschede has started a project about the history of the city centre and invited me to design a concept for an artwork in public space. My idea is to make a light installation on a building where in the past the biggest textile factory of the Netherlands was located. Here are some experiments and results of my first research. My idea is to create a fragile image of the factory which visually reminds of woven fabric.

This is a movement study of three analogical film scenes. Each film scene originally shows a sheet that is shaken up, the outlines of the sheets were traced and overlayed to created this video.

The idea that there are certain images/scenes that appear in all kind of movies fascinated me. At the beginning of this semester I started to create a collection of stills from movies, as basis for a research project on the meaning of this kind of cinematic imagery. To keep record of the collection process, I created another blog:

Screening of my Videos “cinematic shivers” and “the silver bullet” during the Groninger Museum Students Salon on 05.01.2011

photos: Eleanor Grootoonk

This is the project I did in the php course this semester. GoogleScape is a photo gallery based on images of the Netherlands, provided by Google Streetview. Basically, it is a photo exhibition curated by randomness, every minute the site refreshes itself and shows a new photograph. Check it out: GoogleScape

2-channel video installation, made for the exhibition ‘technological singularity’ at ‘planetart’, Amsterdam.
The title refers to human striving for perfection, invulnerability and immortality. The technological progress makes us wonder if we soon can create a man-like intelligent machine. By opposing found footage material from TV commercials on the left screen to self recorded material on the right, the work illustrates our hopes and fears regarding technology and the idea of the perfect human.

Analysis of the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. First the pixels of each frame were rearranged by sorting them by brightness. Then the color of each pixel was set to either black or white, depending on its brightness. Made with Processing.







For the speed assignment by our guest teacher Kees de Groot I am doing research about the element silver. It silver is used in modern technology for instance because it is antibacterial. I am interested in the fact that we are trying to become unvulnerable and perfect humans by technology. What intrigues me about silver is also the psychological part, the “cool” and modern image it has.
Here is are some scetch images I want to use for illustrating my ideas.



here’s the scene I made during the stop motion workshop. It was the first time I used camera movement in stop motion work; still,I wanted it to fit to my other work, being something in-between photography and film.

In the week before the holidays i took part in a workshop with filmmaker Reynold Reynolds. Here are just some test photographs for a work I made there. In the end I made a selfportrait, I will upload it later, I still have to animate it.