Kunstmanifestatie MARKER
Grote Markt Groningen
1 t/m 9 juni 2018
Dagelijks van 10.00 – 22.00 uur

GRATIS toegang

Opening 31 mei 19.30 uur

Ruben Boxman
Henri van Hoeve
Sarah Janssen
Lee McDonald
Bert Scholten
Albert Westerhoff

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MARKER is een initiatief van NP3 en CBK Groningen

Art manifestation MARKER
Grote Markt Groningen
1 till 9 june 2018
Daily 10.00 – 22.00 hrs

FREE entrance

Opening 31 may 19.30 hrs

Ruben Boxman
Henri van Hoeve
Sarah Janssen
Lee McDonald
Bert Scholten
Albert Westerhoff

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MARKER is an initiative by NP3 and CBK Groningen

Last week I tested the prototype for my installation REflags, which will be presented during MARKER on the Grote Markt in Groningen. Some small changes will be made regarding the measurements, but I am satisfied with the result. Stay tuned for the presentation of the final design!

As part of the celebration of their 25th anniversary the art school Kunstschule Zinnober initiated the art exhibition transfluxxion. To express the diverse activities and numerous collaborations of the school, the gallery space was transformed into a spatial installation. Inspired by the concept of the social sculpure by Joseph Beuys, the visitor was invited to participate in – and become a part of the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’.

In the space, completely decorated in white, different work stations with were build up, where the visitor could ‘fill the room with colour’ by taking part in one of the join-in activities. My interactive installation ‘transluxion’ was one of them. When entering the gallery, the visitors were filmed by a webcam. After a short moment, they could see their own silhouettes projected on a wall on the other side of the room.

I also presented my new work ‘luminous flux’ in the exhibition. The minimalistic video is projected on a curtain which hangs lengthways from the ceiling. When stepping behind the curtain, the viewer can expand the depiction of light and shadow by adding his own shadow plays. The visuals in the video also make a reference to another installation work, a huge crocheted net which spans over the exhibition space.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:

I would like to invite you to my solo exhibition in Nordhorn, Germany.
After winning the artist stipend of the Emsländische Landschaft, I spent in total four month in two residencies in Nordhorn and Papenburg. In the exhibition I will present the works I made during that residency period.

Kreisverwaltung Nordhorn
van-Delden-Str. 1-7

21st november 2014

21st november 2014 till 18th january 2015

Opening hours:
Mo. – Thu., 8.30 – 16.00
Friday, 8.30 – 12.30
Sunday, 11.00 – 13.00

An article about my exhibition, published in the regional newspaper ‘Grafschafter Nachrichten’


Invitation to the opening of my exhibition ‘images from thin air’

OPENING: Thursday 30 january 2014 at 17.00 o’clock. Location: Poelestraat 2 (corner Poelestraat/ Grote Markt) in Groningen.

After the opening my work can be seen every evening until 12 february from 17.00 -0.00 hrs

The work ‘images from thin air’ consists of nine video fragments which will be projected on different locations in and around the centre of Groningen.
For more information and the locations of the video projections please check the project website: https://www.sarahjanssen.com/fromthinair

The project ‘images from thin air’ was made possible by the Hendrik de Vries stipend by Gemeente Groningen.

These are some images of my new work shadows, which I created for my solo exhibition Parallel 22. The installation consists of wall projections of shadows from different movies. Original movie scenes were edited in such a way that the impression is created that one is not seeing a videoprojection but real shadows. The installation is inconspicuous and almost invisible at first sight. Only once in a while a shadow of a mysterious man with a hat scurries around. The shadow, an important visual element of film noir, is extracted from its original movie and transferred into reality.

2-channel video installation, made for the exhibition ‘technological singularity’ at ‘planetart’, Amsterdam.
The title refers to human striving for perfection, invulnerability and immortality. The technological progress makes us wonder if we soon can create a man-like intelligent machine. By opposing found footage material from TV commercials on the left screen to self recorded material on the right, the work illustrates our hopes and fears regarding technology and the idea of the perfect human.