• Nachtansicht P07-014
  • Nachtansicht O10-014
  • Nachtansicht O10-017
  • Nachtansicht P07-011
  • Nachtansicht J12-001
  • Nachtansicht P07-019
  • Nachtansicht P09-012
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  • Nachtansicht P03-008
  • Nachtansicht O12-007

digital photo series, 2010-ongoing


When darkness falls in, we become aware of our dependence on light. To orient ourselves we light up places in our environment with the use of artificial lighting. By this, certain locations become the focus of attention at nighttime. Neon lights, street lamps and spotlights dissolve the places they illuminate from the endless darkness which surrounds them. Artificial light sources, serving as guidance or for decorative purposes, put certain parts of the city on focus, may it be planned or unintended. With this ongoing photo series I want to capture the special, often mysterious character ordinary places can have at night.