In a time where everything has already been captured.
And everybody could know everything.
There is the moon of planet Earth which – unlike all
other moons in our solar system – does not have a name.

under a nameless moon I, photograph by Sarah Janssen
empty canvas
under a nameless moon

photo series, 2010-2019

In this world there are phenomena for which I know no words. And sentiments whose essence I cannot describe.

Sometimes I am searching without knowing what I am searching for.

I find universal images. Details of a world we are familiar with, but sometimes unable to pinpoint. I try to depict what often stays unnoticed in the hectic routine of everyday life. I am fascinated by what hides in the shadows, both literally and figuratively. Those arcane things which stay hidden to most of us, because light falls upon them only for a fraction of a second – or not at all. Like an alchemist, I sift through the undefined for hidden treasures. Like a poet whose voice is imagery I seek for the echoes of the obvious and for the magical in the ordinary.


Above is a small selection of images from the series, which is intended to be presented in the form of a photo book.


cross media, photography