cross media, installation

installation, 2018

The interactive artwork REflags consists of 10 flag-sized mirrors installed on 5 meter high flagpoles which are placed in a line in public space. The installation was designed for the Grote Markt, the central and highly frequented location in Groningen. The concept is to refer to the diverse and busy environment of the market square. The installation adds up to this and creates an even more fragmented and mixed-up visual impression. People can turn the flagpoles via handlebars which changes the position of the mirrors. By doing so, they can influence the reflected image in the mirror and thus the appearence of the artwork. The viewers are invited to play and interact with each other and the installation itself.


This installation was presented during art manifestation MARKER, an event which was initiated by CBK Groningen en NP3 and took place in june 2018.


cross-media, installation