Cinematic Shivers

video installation, HD video, 7 minutes (looped), 2009

How do we define a film? If it consists of single photographs, where is the difference between both media? And, is there something in-between? Cinematic shivers consists of still photographs which are animated to short sequences by making use of the stop motion technique. The results are photographs in motion, reminding of film scenes, taken out of their logical and chronological context. The scenes give only tiny bits of information about what could have happened. But instead of building up a narrative, the sequences are mixed up in a seemingly random way. This artwork questions our viewing habits and tries to reveal the essence of visual storytelling. In contrast to film stills, the images in this work are intangible. Just as suddenly as they leap into view, they disappear again. Like the medium film they are time-based, yet there is no beginning or end as it would be in cinema.


cross media, installation, video